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How it all began

I was born in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, in East Germany. As a child, I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She always carried two small bags, one for cigarettes and the other one for needlework.

We almost always had a thread, a needle, or a cloth in our hands. Or I rifled through her huge button collection for treasures. When I felt like working with something less wooly, I would go see my grandfather in his goldsmith’s workshop.

Our garden being one of my favourite places, I eventually ended up studying Agricultural Sciences.

Many years later, settled in Alsace, I had my first encounter with the international quilting scene in Saint Marie aux Mines where I participated in a course given by the German textile artist Britta Ankenbauer.

I was excited to see how fabric could be used to create contemporary art, and therefore attended Ankenbauers masterclasses at the „Baumwollspinnerei“ in Leipzig (2010-2012).

In the following years, I took part in several courses given by textile artists from Germany, the UK and the Netherlands (Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn, Cas Holmes, Els van Baarle). These gave me skills in the various fields of textile surface design, such as printing, free hand machine embroidery, dyeing and picture composition.

I have since then been working in my atelier in Offenburg and taken part in group exhibitions.

Artist Statement

I use reclaimed fabrics and some times paper and connect them to new surfaces.

I pick up banal everyday events, „what I eat“, observations and things „about which I stumble“, signs of our „zeitgeist“ or memories, and combine them into new images. With the needle I tell stories and reflect moods.

I seek to make the viewer wonder and ask questions.

Especially when I embroider by hand, working on a project is a very slow process. I escape the speed of everyday life and can immerse myself completely in the topic.